Laura (tavella) wrote,

it's christmas. oh god.

Santa's elves are lurking outside my apartment and I'm afraid to go out. I made the mistake of going outside the first year I was here and was all but assaulted by a desperate elf trying to give away presents, and really, I don't need another k-tel collection.

I think it must be a SJSU greek organization thing, some "It sucks to live next to a university, trying to make up for it" thing, but it's not the most efficient way to distribute presents. One of the police officers escorting the flatbed has resorted to encouraging people to come out; I'm sure it's meant to be jolly, but over a police car PA it sounds vaguely threatening. And they seem to have set up camp outside, probably because we are the last block of the residential street leading into the main SJSU garage and thus get the worst of it.
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