Laura (tavella) wrote,

kitchen detonations

I have just had my first experience with spontaneously exploding pyrex. It's rather startling; I was crouched over wiping off the undercabinet on the sink when I heard a great smashing above me. When I popped up to see what was going on, I was greeted by a pile of glass in the sink. Looked up, assuming it had fallen from one of the cabinets. Nope, doors all closed. Then as I stared at it mystified, "where did it come from" was joined by "where's the rest of it", since it consisted of one handle and side. It took several seconds for me to connect it to the lasagne pan I had washed and put on the rack earlier. Which is not as stupid as it seems; instead of gently collapsing down the side of the sink it had come apart with such force that the pieces were piled in the middle of the sink, a good fifteen inches from where I had seen them last. The rest was behind the washing rack, in rather artisticly curved pieces.

At least it didn't come apart yesterday, when it was full of several pounds of very hot baked lasagne.

ETA: Do any of my local San Jose/Penninsula peeps have a throw rug they aren't using? Not a huge one, I doubt I have room for more than 8 foot by 8 and somewhat smaller would be better.
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