Laura (tavella) wrote,

fandom updates

So I've been catching Torchwood at katchootoo's lately. And last night there was Sarah Jane Adventures as well. I enjoyed that, fun in a who-light way, and it is never bad to see Elisabeth Sladen. Who still looks astonishingly good for a sixty year old.

But Torchwood this week, well...

I didn't buy the end at all. It's not how human beings react.

Torchwood has always tended towards the smug validation of "secrets best kept", though it's had occasional twitches otherwise (Rhys knowing, though of course I'm not certain we aren't working towards his doom), but the problem is, this isn't a matter of whether people are better off having a few hours of being chased by aliens at a wedding erased. That's pure fiction, and easy to handwave. This is a real human situation that happens, and _people don't work like that_. Parents have their children disappear, and they don't say "we wish we didn't know" when the body turns up later; they want to know. And parents have their children returned to them horribly mangled and damaged and mentally ill, and they don't throw up their hands.

It wants us to think that 20 hour bouts of madness are somehow a unique awfulness that justifies all their doings, but it isn't. Accident, disease, our own genes can wreak far worse; there is a genetic defect that drives chldren to chew off their lips, bite off their own fingers, gouge out their own eyes even as they sob in horror for someone to stop them, and their parents don't walk away, they struggle. Families have coped with much worse; their children disappear at a concert that turns into a fiery disaster, and they don't say "oh, we wish we still had hope" when they turn up horribly burned. And they don't throw up their hands and refuse to see them; they sit beside their beds as they go through horrible debriding after debriding, months unconscious.

Olh, in the individual case, sure. It's within the span of human reactions to do so. But what the story wanted us to believe was that was obviously true for all 16 other families, and that Gwen was wrong and Torchwood, in the form of Jack, was smugly right in their keeping of secrets. There wasn't a single voice suggesting any doubt, just the mother insisting that no one else must be told, presenting Gwen as a monster if she were to do so.

And it pissed me off.
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