Laura (tavella) wrote,

birthday and the Wire

My birthday was most pleasant and low key, all the nicer for people surprising me with stuff. tersa made me dinner for our TV night, yummy baked pasta. Though I managed to gash my thumb with her supremely sharp Haenkel bread knife. elspethdixon wrote me fic, tnalpgge, cyranocyrano, and katchoo_too took me out to dinner, and my dad carved me this gorgeous walnut piece that holds eight small pepper grinders, so I have something to put my grains of paradise in. Not to mention malabar, tellicherry, white... it's a pepper palette!

So we have finished the second season of the Wire, which was somewhat less obstrepously doomfilled then the second. Not without doom, of course, but the people that died brought it on themselves most thoroughly, and while the squad's success was still partial, it was acknowledged as a success and they didn't get individually screwed over for it. Yes, I felt sorry for Palotka -- one of the crowning glories of the Wire is its ability to make you like and understand people who are doing some shitty stuff. But he wasn't a kid with nothing but shitty life options like that poor quondam informer who got shot by his friends last season, or a cop just trying to do their job; he went in with eyes open. And Ziggy, well... the only mystery about Ziggy is that he made it as far as he did without destroying himself.

I found the Montage of Doom somewhat less impactful this time around. The "enforcement does NOTHING" montage of renewed drug dealing from last season worked because part of the point is that making drugs illegal in *itself* causes much of the ill of the system, while as long as the desire is still there the drugs will be brought to fill it. Making any destruction of a specific drug gang near-pointless. But I'm not convinced that cutting off a route through which people could import anything that could fit in a shipping container _without fear of discovery_ was actually a worthless achievement, nor that it is an easily and instantly reproducible thing.
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