Laura (tavella) wrote,

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I caught it yesterday, and I don't really know what all the complaining was about. It was an Indiana Jones movie: one ginormous, kinesthetic chase, with occasional pauses for people to be snarky or tender at each other, before the bad guys pop up again and all fast moving hell breaks loose again.

Not Raiders, no, but I'd put it on an equal level with Crusade.

Things I adored:
The way they had Indy's first appearance pan down on his thinning, greying hair. "Yeah, he's old. So what!". Ford was great, exactly the sort of guy who gets older and older and more leathered and still kicks your ass. I do wish they had carried it through even more strongly and had him take out the bad guy in the surrounded-by-ants scene in a more more distinctly "age and treachery beat youth and strength" rather than a straight punch up.

Karen Allen. Still great and snarky and sunny, and the wedding was a lovely, sentimental and appropriate tie up to the series.

Some people didn't like the opening sequence, but I found the abrupt switch from the smiling, happy to drag race soldiers to cold blooded murdering to be very effective; I remained nearly totally unspoiled for the movie so I wasn't expecting it at that moment.

Things I did not:
Like the rest of the series, the racial subtext is dodgy as hell. Actually even worse in this one, as the others at least made a gesture at having a non-white character who was a person rather than the inhuman Other. The metaphoric identification of the Indians with the army ants was particularly icky (they swarm out of the earth, they are driven away by the skull.)I tend to do the "oh John Ringo no" thing with it, and enjoy the rest of the movie, but I can't say that it's not pretty lame.

There were a couple of moments when Shia Lebouf was balancing between the trucks that were very *violently* green screen, which was a bit shocking in an 2008 ILM movie, and the prop skull looked seriously plastic at times (which it obviously was, but it shouldn't look like plastic filled with tinfoil!)

Things that were just weird: was I the only gamer who was having *serious* Alpha Centauri technology discovery flashbacks when Nazi Louise Brooks (tm someone) was giving her soliloquy about "our thoughts will be your thoughts and you won't even know it?"

We had a zillion previews, most of which I have forgotten, except that Hancock looked a hell of lot more interesting than it did in the first trailer.

On Friday, I took my warrior into Karazhan for the first time, and it was surprisingly much less stressful than just about any 70 dungeon I've was in. I was offtanking, so I was never responsible for more than one baddie at a time, and I got to tank Midnight and Moroes, and I much enjoy tanking bosses. Plus I have my first shiny Kara purple.
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