Laura (tavella) wrote,

dinner notes

In an attempt to broaden my horizons beyond the delicious but being-eaten-to-death piscine fields of salmon, ahi, sea bass and the like, I brought some fresh monterey sardines at the farmer's market on Saturday. I drizzled them with a little garlic infused olive oil and himalyan pink salt (I'll probably just use kosher next time, but I brought that at the market as well and wanted to try it out), and broiled them for around ten minutes. Then had them with a sauvignon blanc and a simple bruschetta made from tomatoes from my garden.

They were very tasty, dark and rich, but a bit of a pain to eat; like fried chicken, they are really meant to be eaten with fingers. Which is what I did after a brief attempt with the fork, it made peeling the meat away from the bones much easier. Kind of ruined the elegant presentation of the meal, but c'est la'vie.

Definitely will buy again; googling comes up with some nice sounding sicilian recipes that involve tomatoes that I'll have to try.

Oh, and there were strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert. Yum.
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