Laura (tavella) wrote,

a tree grows in San jose

There's a tree growing in the median of 280, a bit south of the Saratoga exit, and I shall be quite sad when they cut it down. It's not unusual to see a weed growing in the cracks there, but they never get very large before the road service people come along and Roundup them to death. But for some reason this one has been left to grow since spring, and now it's a proper little tree, four feet tall or so.

It's not a special tree; looks like a tree of heaven, a common volunteer tree, which I think is nice-speak for 'crazily invasive'. They certainly like to volunteer all over my herb and flower beds. But I love it for somehow finding a foothold there, finding water -- how I don't know, it was a dry spring to start with and the earth beneath all that asphalt and concrete can't have absorbed much -- and growing madly. The green fuse made manifest.
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