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24 November 2001 @ 04:08 pm
dancing in the rain  
Rain! Thunder! happy happy! And it's still warm enough that I ran around in the puddles with my feet bare. Weather in the land of no seasons makes me perky.

(Later) The wind managed to drag our heavy glass and metal patio table about five feet and tip it over on katchoo_too's car. No damage, though. Car, table, and umbrella all fine, and even the glass bowl with candles rolled off and landed in one of the padded chairs without smashing. The oddest thing was that neither of us heard anything.
Current Mood: quixoticquixotic
Cyranocyranocyrano on November 24th, 2001 07:18 pm (UTC)
Yay no breaking! Yeah, there were a lot of downed tree limbs on the road today. I'd heard the wind several times during the night, but hadn't thought it was /that/ destructive.
Meiprincessmei on November 24th, 2001 08:47 pm (UTC)
I reset the table when I went out this morning. I had a moment of amusement and wonder at the fact that nothing broke when it tipped, especially the glass bowl which was very lucky at its soft landing.

I chased down the plastic garbage cans which had tipped due to emptiness and then tried to escape to the street by rolling down the driveway. All in all, our backyard escaped pretty minimally it seems. a lot of leaves, a few twigs. Nothing huge.

The same cannot be said for the roads this morning. 85 was a mess around Nine AM. The Fremont exit was closed off due to a tree (or well, the better half of a tree) that was covering it. Early drivers had made paths within the coating of leaves and what looked like pine needles but it still had that precarious feel of slipperiness to it. Multiple places on 85 had lanes blocked off due to downed branches, one place where a branch had fallen onto lines.

The crews were quick in getting people out to clean those up. Not so quick on Steven's Creek to deal with a series of branches in the road, each larger than the last. Cars just went around them. At least everyone was nice about it.

Last night was neat though. The wind was coming in through the fan in my window and making all the fabric about my bed float eerily. And it sounded like someone crying and pounding on the roof.

In a better world, I'd have my own Phantom Dennis.