Laura (tavella) wrote,


It looks like in the general crumbling of the financial system, I may be in the market for a new bank. Yes, mine is the soon-to-be-late WaMu. I'm not worried about my money per se -- I'm well under the FDIC limit -- but I figure my ability to withdraw and my automatic payments may get screwed up.

It's unfortunate, as the banking side of it is actually quite nice. I changed accounts to there after Citibank ate my bank, CalFed, as I got quickly tired of Citi's attempts to charge fees for everything.

So I'm looking for bank recommendations. Things I am looking for:

Free or nearly so checking accounts. My WaMu one is free as long as I transfer $25 a month to a savings account.

The ability to have more than one checking account. I have one that I use for 'internet people I don't trust', such as Paypal.

The ability to bank online, so as to transfer money around my accounts.

Automatic bill payment. It doesn't have to be free (I find it a bit odd that WaMu does it free, in fact), but cost shouldn't be much more than postage.

Reasonable fees, not a screw-the-customer attitude.

Tellers that can solve problems. The final straw for me with Citibank was tellers informing me that they couldn't look at records, I should go use the phone in the lobby to call the bank!

Any suggestions?

Edit: I'm in San Jose in California, if people want to give local recommendations.
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