Laura (tavella) wrote,

The only problem with, which I much love? On days when they've gotten publicity, it's hard to spend your money there. I had some paid back loans to redisperse, and so I'm looking through the funding options, and I see a threefer: not only supporting her own three kids but a pair of orphaned relatives _and_ she wants the money to expand the range of drugs in her pharmacy to include antimalaria drugs. Kids, orphans, and expanding local access to antimalaria medicine, win! Problem is, everyone else clearly thinks so to, because by the time I click through, she's fully funded.

So I find another... supporting her kid, working in agriculture, always the most grinding thing. I click... already full.

I did finally find a charcoal seller who was hoping to expand to support school fees for her six children. Keeping your kids in school, especially daughters, is always a good way to grab me.

I still totally recommend the place. For $25 bucks you can really make a difference in a concrete way, and there are days when they have far more people to lend to than people available to lend.
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