Laura (tavella) wrote,

news of the day

I came pretty pre-disillusioned about Obama, so him pushing to kiss up to Lieberman doesn’t surprise me. He’s not a progressive; he’s center-right, and he likes to make that clear by chucking prominent left-wing interest groups under the bus to show that he’s not one of *those* Democrats. He did it to gays in the primaries by hiring a vicious homophobic preacher to MC fundraisers, which was a big reason why I didn’t vote for him in the primary. And then he had a shot at impressing me with the FISA vote, and he immediately caved on that. So I didn’t have any illusions that he was going do anything progressive.

I still voted for him and donated some money -- though I donated more to No on 8 -- because center-right is better than foaming right wing, and more importantly he’s a competent center-right guy, and the government not being run by idiots will be a big improvement even if it’s still essentially conservative.

I’m somewhat darkly amused at DailyKos meeting reality, though. One of the reasons I stopped reading it in the primaries was because every thread turned into Clinton-bashing and Obama-worship.
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