Laura (tavella) wrote,

oh, media companies, why do you want me not to give you money?

So I check Amazon to see if I want to buy _The Tick_ or if we should just Netflix it or what. And I discover that The Tick DVDs feature: ten minutes of ads you can't skip through, a missing episode in each of season 1 and 2, and they never bothered to release the last season at all. Plus it's not even a good transfer.

Oh, yes, and they want the same price for 12 half-hour episodes on a bare-bones disk that you would expect for a full season of a drama: $35 (though at least it's on sale at Amazon currently.)

The no extras bit doesn't bother me; while it's always *nice* when a DVD box is put together with extras and love, it's not necessary. But the rest? Ptui. I invoked the power of the net and found copies of the missing episodes in seconds, but if I have to do shady stuff to get half the series *anyway*, why am I going to bother to cough up money for a half-assed couple of DVDs?

I like shiny DVD sets! Especially of shows that I think I'll watch again. I have a tidy row of X-Files, Farscape, Doctor Who, I don't WANT to have to roll my own DVDs. Give me a complete set, charge me a reasonable price, don't shove ads in my face, we're all happy.

Tags: tv
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