Laura (tavella) wrote,


I am in mourning for a couch. I know this is an unusual thing to be in mourning for, but it was the Most Comfortable Couch Ever. I first met this couch while at a DJ party thrown by the housemates I would eventually move in with. I was far too blitzed to drive home, and crashed on the MCCE, thus discovering its exalted state. When the landlord sold the place from under us, it had no home, for it had been abandoned by one of the long series of housemates, so I took it with me. An exciting moment: the first piece of furniture I owned that absolutely could not be broken down and transported by car. How grownup!

It served me well, this couch; when I was doing deadline document work, I would occasionally work into the late hours on it, and when too tired to go on, simply put down the laptop and sleep right there. It was the base for much TV watching and net surfing and general sloth. It was already an old couch by the time I got it, and seven years of constant use (and abuse, as Cinder loves to shred it and spread her black furred self over its once white surface) have not been kind. But still, it remains the Most Comfortable Couch Ever, and I would spring for recovering it, if only... landlord hadn't demanded I reconfigure the apartment; my kitchen shelves were too close to the stove. Moving them the foot or so they needed turned the living room from just big enough to hold the couch and move around to Too Small. Well, technically it could still fit, but that would require getting rid of the book shelves that line both open walls, and that ain't gonna happen. It's too tattered and torn to justify putting it in storage, so I purchased a Poang chair from Craigslist and with the help of my neighbors hauled the MCCE to the curb.

It now sits there, lonesome and sad, awaiting Large Item Pickup. Farewell, brave couch!
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