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In regards to Marvel and Disney...

...a lot of people appear to be purely ignorant about Disney and what they own, what with all the fretting about how suddenly everything will be G rated. Things released under the *Disney* brand are family-friendly, but Disney is a vast conglomerate which owns a number of brands under which they release plenty of PG-13 and R-rated stuff. And it's not like Marvel wasn't shooting for the PG-13 sweet spot anyway; Iron Man had a bit of drinking and fade to black sex, it's not like it was *edgy*.

It's also highly unlikely that Disney cares much about the comics, as long as they don't lose money. If they have Peter Parker turning porn star or something, Disney would stomp on Quesada, but beyond that unlikely to fiddle much with the paper side of things. It doesn't sound like they even plan to roll up Marvel Studios into the Disney main studio, and even if they did the films would just be released under Touchstone or some other label.

Short term, this means more films, long term less. It means Marvel's ambitious Avengers plans (IM2, Thor, then Captain America and The Avengers in one year) are much more secure. Marvel was only able to get financing for their plans via a pretty risky deal that mean they would lose all film rights to the character if that character's film tanked. Now they have a secure money stream.

However, as the various shopped out character rights expire and get pulled back in house, there will be the same narrow pipeline issue that WB and DC have: a company only wants to release so many superhero movies a year, and they of course want to use the biggest characters. AT WB, this has resulted in them making Batman and Superman movies over and over, and nothing else. So Spider-man, the mutants, and whichever of the Avengers that establish themselves as viable brands before the crowding begins. The sort of shopping out of minor characters that got movies like Blade, Ghost Rider, Daredevil or even the Fantastic Four made is likely to stop. Granted, Marvel had already announced plans to recapture the rights, but as a small company with a lot of IP, I suspect that some deals still would have been made, to keep cash flow going.

I do expect to see much more consistent exploitation of the characters in animation, though.
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