Laura (tavella) wrote,

fall cleaning

As a knock-on effect of getting rid of the couch, I've been rearranging the living room and sorting out the bookshelves. Whilst doing so I found a photo from college tucked away in a book I was looking at. I looked at it and didn't hate it, so I thought "I'll scan it for Facebook!" I tucked the photo back in the book to keep it safe until I got a chance to scan it, put it aside, then went back to my sorting and alphabetizing. Yes, you know where this is going... I rounded up all the layabout books in a final sweep. Including, apparently, that book. Which I cannot remember anything about except that it had a photo in it. Said photo is now somewhere in one of the 3000 or so books that are now nicely alphabetized and back on the shelves.

I guess I will discover it again in a few years.

While doing said sorting, I found a few duplicate RPG books. Anyone local want a copy of the Over the Edge Player's Survival Guide, Feng Shui, or Werewolf The Apocalypse? I probably be persuaded to mail them if someone really wants it, but local would be easiest.
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