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actual moments of winter

It's freezing cold outside and rainy, but I'm cozy. One of my few indulgences since getting laid off was a couple of pairs of warm pajamas and a fuzzy bathrobe, and I'm pretty happy with the investment right now. And I have an turkish angora cuddling with me, who is even fuzzier and warmer than me.

There was possible good news on the employment front; my boss at Sun is looking into if she can get a intern slot to hire me back to maintain machines while I'm finishing my degree. It's only $40K, but it's enough to cover my expenses if I'm careful, and it puts me in a great position to go back to full time with Sun when a slot opens up. And silkiemom pointed out an education tax credit that would give me 20 percent of my tuition back as a tax rebate.

I was exceedingly bad and bailed on the morning class, as I had insomnia and was therefore too dead to pry myself out of bed at 8:30. Made it to the afternoon one, though there wasn't much content there, just a couple of useful lists of links.
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