Laura (tavella) wrote,

another fatal case of dreamwidth

Oh, dear god. Scans_Daily is now a community 'defined by our struggle toward anti-oppression'. If you just want to post about comics in a fun environment that doesn't let any posters get bashed, you aren't welcome. If you don't think that 'struggling toward anti-oppression' means that the first person to seize the flag of 'I am oppressed!' gets to bash their chosen poster as long and as vilely as they like, you aren't welcome -- anything else would be silencing! Any rules on personal attack are tone argument! If you think that bashing threads should be frozen at some point, you aren't welcome, because anyone who comes in later has the right to feel freshly oppressed and get their hits in. As long as the mods don't define them as privileged, in which case they are told to sit down, shut up, and accept being shit on.

I had noticed the disintegrating quality of scans_daily over on Dreamwidth for some time; most of the interesting posters and posts gone, and what few posts looked interesting and I bothered to click on mostly devolved to bashing of one issue or another from the Big Two. Which issue often deserved bashing, but s_d on LJ and even InsaneJournal usually mixed in a little fun, some crazy old stuff, some classics, and people made a point of posting stuff they loved. Plus the commentary was much more interesting and high quality. But I hadn't paid enough attention to realize why until the recent mod thread.

I feel like I need to apologize to the old scans_daily mods, in retrospect. Back when it was on LJ, it was a fun place that unlike just any other comic boards was a friendly place for women, gays, minorities. Not so much in terms of harassment -- there's other comics boards that will clamp down on open misogyny, etc. -- but in the sense that you aren't some freakish minority to be stared at. And I thought at the time that this was mostly in spite of the moderators, who tended to be a little tight-ass. I remember at least once being all offended and righteous because the mods cracked down equally on someone posting unpleasantly and someone replying violently, because the second person was provoked! And now, man, having seen bad moderating in effect, I was wrong. Sorry old scans_daily mod whose name I cannot remember!

However, there is some good in it. I've decided to swear off dogpiles. It's turned into a game where rage-junkies just look for a target to pump up their sense of self-righteousness. No more following anyone's 'signal-boosting'. If I run into something on my own travels, I post only if I have something worthwhile to say, not just to join the mob.
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