Laura (tavella) wrote,

Love Actually

Netflix of the day is Love, Actually. Which is the most "hey, I know that face" movie ever. Not just the obvious ones -- they cast every 'male hearthrob despite not being conventionally handsome' actor about, not to mention a bunch of great actresses -- but the more minor roles. "Hey, I know him... oh, the son from that brit sitcom about the dentist... huh, his pal, he -- oh, Doctor Who, wait, and she was from the same episode. Hey! That's the guy from Sherlock! That little kid, he looks... Doctor Who *again*? Wait, Thomas Sangster is 12 here? 17 in Doctor Who? He looked like he was 12 *then*."

Jeez, random Rowan Atkinson, even! And the guy from the troll episode of Merlin.

Upon finishing watching: apart from the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman storyline, it's about an inch deep, filled with pretty middle and upperclass British people leading the sort of lives where their jobs involve typing in picaresque French farmhouses or swanning about art galleries. Even the porn set looks like Versailles. But they are really very charming shallow people, and it has Colin Firth trying to propose in bad Portuguese, which is simply impossible to go wrong with.

There's one storyline that is no doubt supposed to be the Serious, Tragic one, but people ruining their lives to 'take care' of other people just annoys rather than moves me. It's possible to visit and care about your insane brother without having to be on the phone with him 24/7 and take off in the middle of the night to have him try to punch you. He's in a mental hospital where there are people trained to take care of him, chica, stop playing the martyr.
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