Laura (tavella) wrote,

Netflix of the day: Linda Linda Linda

Someday I will post something interesting that is not about TV, but today is not that day.

Linda Linda Linda is a Japanese movie; a band breaks up right before they were due to play the Spring Festival at their high school. With a couple of new members, the newly configured group has only three days to get ready for the show. It's not for a record contract, it's not the highlight of the festival, it's just something they want to do: play some punk music for their schoolmates.

Having recently tried to watch What a Girl Wants and bailing out midway because everything had to be so dramatic! and over the top!, the mellow gentleness of LLL was nice indeed. It hits most of the usual beats, but played with such naturalism that they don't feel forced. And while romantic relationships are touched on, they clearly run second to the girls' evolving friendship and the band. The actresses are excellent, especially Du-na Bae as the Korean exchange student drafted in at the last moment as a singer.

It's subtitled, and you would probably benefit from having had a little exposure to how Japanese schools work, but I think it's worth the effort.
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