Laura (tavella) wrote,

I hate propositions

Verbatim from the League of Women Voter's Smartvote:

Summary of Arguments FOR Proposition 28:
The status quo isn't working. After two decades, our term limits law needs fixing. Prop. 28 places a hard 12 year limit on legislators and closes the loophole that allows legislators to serve nearly 17 years. It's a simple reform that helps make legislators more accountable. Read it. Vote Yes.

Summary of Arguments AGAINST Proposition 28:
Proposition 28 is a scam by special interests to trick voters into weakening term limits. It actually lengthens--not reduces--terms for politicians in office. It doubles the time politicians can serve in the State Assembly. It increases by 50% the time politicians can serve in the State Senate.

There is apparently no option for "I think term limits are dumbass." I'm not sure whether to go with my default No for all propositions that I am in doubt on, or go with Yes on the grounds that it would at least let someone with experience stay in the House they are experienced in.

Why people think a legislature run by lobbyists and unelected staff is better than legislators who have a chance to serve long enough to know what the hell they are doing, I have no idea.
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