Laura (tavella) wrote,

Gilmore Girls!

tersa and I had a Gilmore Girls on Netflix marathon today.  We started with coffee (of course), and then picked up Chinese, in homage to their favorite late night food.  I was really touched by how they worked in Edward Herrman's death so respectifully, and oh my god they really did get everyone back.  At one point they panned to a young woman playing, I said "wait, Stars Hollow has a *second* troubadour?", Tersa said "Yeah, there was an episode where they were fighting over turf", and quite promptly Troubadour-Prime arrived and started chasing her.

As for the rest? Well, there were times in the series where I didn't like Luke much, but I loved him here.  He was sensible (when hardly anyone else around could be relied on to be consistently so.)  He was distressed and worried about Lorelei hiding things from him, but he didn't do stupid romantic comedy things, he pointed out when she was being silly and let her work things out herself.  Paris? Paris was perfection.  I loved her terrifying the headmaster with her pointed and sensible questions, I loved her being both her driven self and also her freaked out not yet entirely over school self.

Rory?  Her floundering was pretty realistic, and given that my fundamental interest in her love life is "anyone or no one, except not Jess" I was mostly happy, except for really, did we need Jess staring longingly through the window at the end? I don't want him to be Rory's Luke, it's one thing to come in as the stepfather after years of independent life, not being the Nice Guy/Reformed Bad Boy who sweeps in to save the unwed mother.

Lorelei was, well, Lorelei.  But I adored Emily getting on with a new life after her husband's death. I loved her merrily adopting the entire Berta clan, I loved her telling off the DAR, I loved her selling up and moving, and I even approved of her completing the circle of story by requiring the family visits in exchange for the financing for the new inn.

Also, Michel may still be my favorite.  In a series full of snark, he is the snarkiest. 
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