Laura (tavella) wrote,

adoring kitties

Once again I prove that Leonard is the most spoiled cat in the world. He's curled up, sleepy and ruffle-furred on the futon. I go over to the water cooler to pour myself a glass of water. Leonard is instantly off the futon and meowing at my feet, until I pour him his very own small cup of water and put it down on the chair for him to drink.

Party last night at Thida's, housewarming for their new place. She's engaged (which I knew), and pregnant, which I did not know. More sproglets on the way, they are sprouting everywhere. Fun as usual, curled up on the couch geeking with people. Fortunately, the small people in attendance were sufficiently small that we did not have to cover their ears when there was musing on whether the most perverse night of Buffy's life included oral sex :)
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