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23 December 2001 @ 10:58 am
childhood home  
A faint memory, and I wander into the guest bathroom and step inside the shower stall. Where... on the side, yes, up on the inside lip of the door. A strip of red label tape, FRODO LIVES. When last I looked at it, I was still short enough to peer up, and it is older than me, likely.

There used to be another on a Tolkien theme elsewhere in the house but neither I or my father, who put up them both, can remember where it was or what it said. Galadriel? Something else?

A long lived house is a map of memory.
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Brian Kendigfoxmagic on December 23rd, 2001 08:55 am (UTC)
It's neat when something can span the years like that -- especially something so casual, so insignificant as a sticker. When was it put up? What was the person who put it there thinking when he stuck it? It's fun to wonder. :-)

Thank you for sharing this story... it's put me into a nostalgic mood. :-)

Flitterbyflit on December 23rd, 2001 11:52 am (UTC)
My grandmother's house had phosphorescent stars in the kid's bedroom, stuck to the ceiling. They were blurry when I was a kid, but still worked, and I used to look at them as I fell asleep.

They had about lost their virtue (and fallen off) by the time I was grown up.

My aunt and uncle had put them up when they were very little.