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03 November 2001 @ 02:17 pm
Dinner at Casa Slimy last night again. I always feel just slightly awkward doing dinner with Jon and Beth. They are tremendously cool people and I love hanging with them, but they are much closer friends with my roommates than me, and I'm invited over more as a friend of Megs and Cindy than in my own right. So I feel slightly out of it. Plus I have this odd record of mangling Jon. The first time he came over to Avalon, my cat decided to use him as a waystation on jumping to the ground, and scratched his shoulder deep enough to bleed. The first time I sewed something at their house, I lost a pin and Jon found it with his foot. And last night I sat next to Jon in the same clothes I had cuddled the cats in, and triggered his allergies.

My plans to see Iron Monkey with Rebecca fell through due to her being too sleepy, so we rescheduled for Sunday and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the Slimy kitchen and chatting.

This morning there was brunch at Joanies with Merlin and esmerel, my eating-out indulgence for the week since I've been so good otherwise. I've mostly seen them at Merlin-parties since I got here, and it was fun to talk with them in a non mob situation. Merlin's job hunting seriously now, since his unemployment will run out soon, and shares Ambar's experience that he's putting out a lot of resumes and not getting many bites. This disturbs me, since they have superb skills and experience, far more than I. I'm wondering if it's the lack of college degree; in markets like this, tossing everything without a degree is a popular winnowing tactic for HR. More pondering about going back for my degree.

Came back to Avalon to discover that the pond is swarming with mosquito larvae. Eeew. There will be a fish-fetching expedition this afternoon, and I'm thinking about getting some water lilies and other natural plants to help with the filtering so it doesn't depend on the pump.
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03 November 2001 @ 05:50 pm
So my roomie katchoo_too comes home from raiding the big Asian grocery down at Saratoga and Kiely. And she's got... Hello Kitty soba.

She did not get the pink version, however. I sulk.
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