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05 November 2001 @ 11:25 am
So I'm sitting in the living room, trying to keep a net connection long enough to figure out what ophthalmologist to go to for my contacts. And I look up and notice that the mini pumpkins the witches of Avalon carved are getting that gummy, caved in old-man look that says it is time for them go. And I get up and look at them closer, preparing to throw them away. And katchoo_too and princessmei, their pumpkins are a little withered but mostly intact and cheerful. And I look at mine. And I notice the eyes are looking a little dark. And I look closer. And a mass of black mold has completely, perfectly filled the features, as if a child had filled them in with playdoh. Not puffing out, not sunken in, just seamless filling. And I go 'eew', and pick it up from the candle holder it is propped on, and eew again as there is a tiny tearing sound and perfect, square beard of mold comes away too.

My pumpkin has turned into a hellish mass of black corruption, while my roommates' are fine. In a movie, this would be the Big Clue that I'm the Bad Witch.

Heh, heh, heh...

I have attempted to get a picture of this but I suspect it won't really come out well, because I stupidly took it where it was backlit a bit instead of front lit.
05 November 2001 @ 08:23 pm
I made a fine discovery while getting blood sucked this morning: the nausea and distress that getting blood taken causes me may be physical, at least in part, instead of just a phobia. The technician needed three tubes of blood and was only able to get two out of her first puncture on the inside of my right elbow. After completely failing to raise a vein on the other side she resorted to using the back of my hand.

And there was no nausea. I did not have to close my eyes and breathe slowly to keep from keeling over. Instead I could chat with her and stare at the blood draining. Yay! This would also explain why just tapping my skin inside my elbow, trying to get a vein to rise, causes me distress. It's not just anticipation, it may have something to do with the location.

I got home and the net was still down, but katchoo_too was up and gave me a recommendation for her opthamalogist. At first it didn't look like I would be able to get an appointment, but 'my insurance runs out at midnight!' carried the day again and they squeezed me in right after lunch. Which meant I had no time to eat (having had to fast for the blood tests), so I grabbed three mini Krackels to keep from falling over and zoomed off to Sunnydale.

I could have resorted to Pearl Vision or something, but I like having my eyes looked at by a proper doctor not an assembly line. And this one had a very elaborate set of them, including a visual field test I'd never had before. I was originally only going to get contacts, but one of the staff pointed out that Sun had me eligible for two different vision benefits, and one could pay for glasses while my VSP covered new contacts.

So I now have a nine month supply of contacts and wonderful ultra light weight spring-framed glasses, having managed to exploit my insurance for $540 worth and only having to play $98. Even if I had to get the awful eye dilation as part of it -- my least favorite bit of an eye exam, wandering around with belladonna eyes.
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