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15 November 2001 @ 10:32 pm
Either Livejournal, our house net, or my computer has been thrashing whenever I've been in a journalling mood lately, so not much posted. (1) They have partially fixed the net thrashing problem, but at the cost of making our cable reception, never the best, completely suck. Grr. Arggh.

Since we finished up Cowboy Bebop last week, we wanted to see the movie. lucianus and Amy managed to get their computer hooked up to the TV so that they could play the VCD for us at their place. Exceedingly pretty, gorgeous music, and lots of angst; Cowboy Bebop by numbers in some ways, though I did like it. It was all about bioweapons and terrorist bombing, so the fact that they had stolen parts of the city (set on Mars) from NYC came off eerie. Especially since I didn't realize it was NYC until one of the transition scenes, when they did a slow pan up. That pointy building looks familiar, wait, the base of two buildings... up, yes, taller than everything else.

I wonder how long it will be before I stop flinching everytime I see something like that.

Ar Noir was last night. The game itself was fun, but the ending was a bit disappointing. It turns out that the big game climax, or at least the penultimate climax, is going to be handled by NPCs (and one PC.) Molly can't even really complain IC, the NPCs are much more powerful and experienced than us; but after a year and a half of play, being an extra as the campaign bows is frustrating.

(1) That was just LJ and our house net the first time I wrote it, but then my laptop was insulted and locked up.