April 26th, 2002


random MSG thoughts

So I have observed the Madison Square Garden concert. Or a somewhat mutilated version of it. Thoughts:

1) I like the newer stuff better by far.
2) Had to forward through Just Got Paid. My tolerance may have been increased by experience, but not enough for lame little skits. Sorry!
3) Wow, choreography styles age quick.
4) I like Digital Getdown. I'm one of only three people in the world, apparently, but dammit I do.
5) Chris was not getting a lot of love from whoever edited it.

Related SDB observation: A certain beloved housemate was attempting to mock me about liking various members, and displayed a surprising knowledge of who was who. When I wasn't a fan, I didn't even know Justin Timberlake was in the group, much less who the fuck Lance was. Got something to tell us, Megan? (evil smile)
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house of fruits

princessmei's houseguest Jim brought fruit with him from roadside stands, and then more was brought at the wonderful Milk Pail in preparation for Thursday's yummy bbq. And then today katchoo_too's Box arrived. Which means that that we have 14 pints of strawberries, 13 grapefruits, and great huge heaps of oranges, plums, grapes, bananas, apples and pears. We've all been devotedly eating them, but there's only three of us.

I plan to turn the apples into apple brown betty (they are a little old), and the bananas can become banana bread if they go brown before they are finished, but I haven't a clue what to do with grapefruit. Anyone got any suggestions?
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