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28 May 2002 @ 11:36 pm
Fun Memorial day -- we had a cookout at Avalon with some of the Nero people, Horde, and Irregulars. Delicious marinated steak, chicken, and merchant fries. The yard's looking great, the roses blooming, the flower beds filling in nicely, the jasminoid trying to take over the garage, so we sat outside and ate and geeked. Should have had Dave bring over extras from the Drunken Fruit party Saturday, considering the vast amounts that were left.

Drunken Fruit was also entertaining. There was pinapple in rum, bananas in creme de caco, kiwis in vodka, cherries in vodka and creme de caco, strawberrries in raspberry liqueur, oranges and peaches in peach schnaps and orange juice, and my favorite, apples in cider and a cinnamon liqueur. I actually had to run out and get food because I was nibbling on them because I was hungry, which seemed a route to utter disaster.