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30 September 2002 @ 11:21 pm
I had some Prince of Wales tea, and was puzzled because I didn't remember there being any mint in the mix. Realized that it was because it's been living in a plastic jar with very strong mint tea for the last half year. It's a nice effect, though. Now drinking maple tea, from the collection Kris sent me. Feeling very Barrayaran, somehow.

Continuing to configure the new computer. Finally found a skin I liked for Winamp 3, Ocrana. Which has a color scheme available that is strong with the purple. Yes, it's a theme here on Kousei. Winamp and Trillian are all living on the right monitor, with with my pretty APOD background.

It's all very stylin'Collapse )

Eudora also lives there when it is open, but it is less snazzy. There are no Eudora skins. Clearly I need a hip, happening mail program with skins to go with the rest of my suite.

Oh, and the one sad thing about Winamp 3? My lj client no longer auto-detects music. Grump.
Current Music: Sarah McLachlan - Black & White