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16 April 2003 @ 12:42 am
Okay, I'm very awake now. I stopped by Safeway on the way back from dropping off my taxes ($530 dollars, oh the pain), and a couple of blocks after I pulled out of the parking lot, I see flashing lights pop on. I pull over and desperately try to review what I could have done. Hand over my license and registration, say "Was I speeding? I didn't think I was speeding." "No, you weren't speeding." Discover that I have the old insurance card in my folder, not the new one. Policeman says "Keep digging." and wanders away with my license.

I thrash through my purse and discover I didn't put the new one there either. Policeman wanders back. I assure him that I really do have current insurance, it's the same number and everything. He chats about where I was coming from. I'm still wondering what I did.

And then he says "Any reason you didn't have your lights on?" and I actually clap my hands over my mouth in embarrassment. I'm sure I would have noticed as soon as I got on the bridge, Midtown Safeway is on a very well lit boulevard which is why I didn't notice it right away. But I still felt like an idiot. However, everything came up clean so he let me go with a plea to remember to put my lights on.

Also, California, or at least Bay Area policemen, amuse me. I didn't get a really good look at him, with the whole flashlight in the window thing, but he had multiple earrings in one ear. This is not something we got in Virginia.