April 21st, 2003


idiot phone companies

I'm seriously pissed. At some point in the last year or so, Sprint has changed my plan so that nights and weekends aren't free anymore. It used to be 500 minutes primetime, nights and weekends free. Normally I don't use more than 500 of any kind, but this billing period I've had a lot of long calls to Earthlink support. Which still wouldn't have been over since most of my calling was on the weekend, but, magical disappearing free weekend time. So lots of money. I'm going to call tomorrow and yell and see what I can do about it, but I had to go ahead and pay for the moment, since I need my phone for work.

Unfortunately, last time I compared plans, *all* the phone companies were pretty crappy and expensive. I guess they figure if you are already paying $12 in taxes and fees (and I'm not a low tax person, but why the hell am I paying $4 in San Jose utility taxes when my phone number isn't even a San Jose number?) Anyone have good suggestions for company with analog/digital service?