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26 November 2003 @ 02:28 am
Will someone explain the whineage about the car tax? I just paid mine today, and undiscounted, it was all of $206. And my car's three years old, so not exactly road wreckage. I *really* do not understand the hysteria about taxes in this country. I spend all year driving on smooth, safe, clean roads that would make the Roman Empire weep, upon which I can expect, if I have an accident, to have extraordinarily sophisticated assistance descend within minutes. And I pay pennies a day. If I had a expensive, year old car, *maybe* I'd pay $600 or so. And people *whine* about this. Depose governors over this! They seem to think, that even if they remove the money beneath this miracle, it will remain intact and perfect, like a Warner's Brothers cartoon character that has not yet realized that there is only air beneath him.