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18 May 2005 @ 11:28 am
Woohoo! Done with classes. My last one was Chaucer, which was appropriate, because it was my favorite from either semester. I had to take 11 English classes, and of those 10 of them were either core requirements, or GE classes where I had to take the English option that would double count, because otherwise there was no way I could finish in a year. And being me, I decided to spend my one elective reading Middle English all semester.

It was a really fun class, though. Partially driven by the fact that Bonnie Cox is an excellent professor, but also by the fact that it was self-sorting. No one voluntarily spends four months reading Middle English when there are far easier options, unless they really want to do so. So, moderate class size and enthusiasic, nay, rollicking at times.