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30 June 2005 @ 08:31 pm
My spiders are back! I was taking a shower, and saw what looked like an infant daddy longlegs working its delicate way along the water-splattered frame of the shower. Took a look at the ceiling and there was an adult in one of the old webs. I'm considering moving the baby into the living room, because that's where the flying bugs getting in problem is currently most acute.

I love spiders! (1)

I do not, however, love a certain person at the place I'm doing document work for. I had what I called the project from hell, wherein I was asked extract the text from a 180 page document for translation, and then reassemble it in Ventura. After doing so, the client complained because they wanted the text actually reinserted in their Ventura documents. "What Ventura documents? I only got a PDF!" I was informed that they were on the website. And so they were -- 2 levels down and not in my DTP folder. Now, I could somewhat blame myself for not asking if they had original files ... and I do, a bit... but I had emailed her ASKNG HER WHAT PROGRAM THEY WANTED IT DONE IN, and she had checked with them and mailed back Ventura, which would seem a prime opportunity to mention "oh, and they have the original files." Or, say, it might have been appropriate to give me the Ventura files in the first place, since I could have extracted a much cleaner text from them.

But I sighed, deconstructed my Ventura document, put the text into their files (and they had an awful set up where every chapter was a seperate file and there was no linking master document -- PDFs were made by running each chapter seperately and merging them in Acrobat), and gave them this second version. Recaptioned what I could, though because they were using linked files I couldn't recaption much of it, since the text was in the original file and I couldn't see it to overlay new text, and I wasn't volunteering to edit the original graphics considering how much extra unpaid time I had already put into this project.

So this weekend I went to submit my invoice online, and she hadn't put up the DTP request for me to work off of. I asked her to do so, and she mailed back "What's the discount for the delay." Yes. I did this goddamn project TWICE because of unclear information from her, and did about three times the amount of work I'm actually getting paid for, and she wants a discount! I haven't replied yet because I've been unable to come up with an answer that does not contain either sarcasm or curse words.

(shakes fist of death)

(1) And despite the footnote on my last post about insects, turns out these are arachnids. The harvestman/daddylonglegs that isn't a spider is an opilionid and doesn't make webs.