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10 April 2006 @ 12:31 pm
On the walk from the parking lot, there was a black squirrel. Bounding. Sort of like a cross between an antelope and a rabbit, it was doing these little all-four-legs-off-the-ground hops. Then it caught sight of another squirrel, the ordinary grey kind, and they bounded together for a while, and then had a grand time wrestling amid the roots of the tree. My assumption was that it was mating, except that if so, they seemed remarkably unclear on who should be on top; first the grey one hopped on top of the black, and then the reverse, alternating for some time. In between they just rolled around in a tumbling ball.

Every once in a while, one would make a break for the tree, and be about a foot up the trunk when the other would fling itself off the ground, wrap its forelimbs around their waist, and pull them down for more wrestling. They usually managed to time this in such a way to keep up the illusion that it was a desperate, foiled escape, but every once in a while the squirrel on the ground would be distracted and miss their cue, and the other squirrel would go a couple of inches further up and then look back, disgruntled, until the one on the ground got with the program and leaped.