January 18th, 2007

The Internet is for Porn, martoufmarty

My Name is Earl...

...has now perpetrated the best TV meta ever. When a character on the show started typing "No, I don’t think shows should do more meta jokes that cater to the online bloggers", I snickered, and thought "TWOP will be amused by this". And then he finished "...and I’m sure everyone at Television Without Pity Dot Com agrees with me."

But that's not what made it the greatest ever meta. Nope, it was when I went to TWOP's Earl thread to see the reaction, and found that the message had actually been posted. And in fact that the character had been posting for months, including comments about the writers and his fear of murphy beds -- that being, of course, what the character died of.

That, my friends, is dedication to a setup.