January 25th, 2008

Marvel hates me

Ranted elsewhere, and felt I had to share: why the current Marvel setup is boring

Nu-Marvel strikes me an impossibly monotonous setup; in particular, they've made Spider-man really pointless. Given that it's been established that they can crank out infinite numbers of heroes vastly more powerful than him, and given that they've established (even in his own book) that they are much more effective at lowering the crime rate than he's ever been, why on earth would he go patrolling? Sure, if a criminal happens to do something in front of you, don't ignore it a la Ben, but why go looking for trouble? The population has made it very noisily clear at 90 percent rates that they don't want you to, and you are just likely to get someone hurt trying to arrest you.

If they had actually used the likely real afteraffects the anti-reg heroes might be interesting, but it's an editorially declared neocon fantasyland. Somehow not a single superpowered person choose civil disobedience, refusing to register but also not to fight; there's not a single hero in 42. There's not a single terrified parent afraid their child will be taken from them and trained to be an assassin; no one needs rescuing. The kids in the Initiative aren't frightened and angry, merely mildly sullen and swiftly enough all smiles after going to combat, and happy to commit themselves to a life of superheroing. Except for the ones that are psycho or greedheads, and that's not much to cheer for. Everyone *likes* Big Brother in nu-Marvel.

The lone exception of any sort is Thunderbirds, and that exists so that Tony can heroically confront them, and show he's the good slavemaster, and you should all worship him for saving them from the bad slavemaster.

So you have your choice of totally pointless and ineffective antireg teams (cause yeah, the New Warriors graffitting Stark Tower is *so* heroic, even if they weren't just manipulated puppets of people behind the scenes) or various flavors of government minion.