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28 February 2008 @ 08:24 pm
Part of the great cleaning up was confronting the parlous state of my tool kit. This was a wonderful Craftsman hand tool set that my father gave me years ago. The hammer disappeared long ago, at the very first house. But hammers are easy to find. The bit driver years later, but I still have most of the bits and a cheap driver from Osh.

You know how it goes, things get loaned out, migrate into other people's tool collections, and after 15 years, 9 moves, and 14 different flatmates it's not surprising things are gone. But I put the remains back in their slots, and stared: of a dozen tools, all that is left is a measuring tape, big grip pliers, a wrench, and wire cutters. Worse of all, the ratchet tool has gone missing. I still have nearly all the hex bits, but the driver itself is gone. And dammit, that was here, because I put together my many feet of Gorm with it. Because when you have to tighten hundreds of bolts, it is the best damn thing.

Perhaps I will ask for a new set next Christmas.

Also, does anyone need a hammer? I don't need three identically sized ones; normally I'd just chuck them into the impromptu recycling spot on the corner, but... the mental state of some of my neighbors, not to mention the wandering homeless, does not leave me comfortable with leaving a potential weapon out out invitingly.