June 12th, 2008

Tenth Doctor, Fear

Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead

I have the feeling I'm not going to be too thrilled with post-Davies Doctor Who. Steven Moffat seems to be the Morgan and Wang of Doctor Who to me: someone that vast quantities of the fanbase insist is the most genius thing ever, far better than the creator/recreator ever could be... where I see early brilliance rapidly degrading.

(Short reviews: Empty Child/Doctor Dances: genuinely great. The Girl in the Fireplace: had its moments, but over all fairly mediocre and seriously flawed by Moffat's "the Doctor is in love with MY special fairy princess!" thing. Blink: Strong first three quarters sabotaged by forcing the characters to be total idiots at the end to push the plot along, not to mention the supposedly terrifyingly fast monsters becoming slow as molasses.)

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It's possible that Moffat as producer will be slightly less annoying; he'll be able to make the his special fairy princesses the companion, instead of finding an excuse to put the actual companions in a box so that he can expound on how wonderful his characters are. And if they show up for more than an episode or two maybe they'll get some characterization beyond "they are super special and the Doctor loves them best!"

But mostly I'll be hoping he's smart and hires Paul Cornell to write more episodes.