August 12th, 2009


CEO Fail (or, John Mackey is a total asshole)

Well, I guess I won't be shopping at Whole Foods anymore.

It's such a farrago of right wing talking points that it's hard to pick out what is the most loathsome bit -- "oh hai, let's make sure that insurance companies can *even more* randomly announce they aren't covering whatever you are sick with"? "let's make sure that insurance companies can pick the most hideously backwards state and strip the citizens of other states of the most basic protections of law"?
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days like these

How yesterday sucked: I plunged the slow-draining shower... which failed to fix it, but did cause the toilet to clog. Drano in the shower failed to fix either, so I ran out the snake. 25 feet failed to find the clog, so I pulled it back... somewhat coated with drano. Which splattered on my shirt and ruined it, and bleached streaks into my favorite shorts. When I pushed down the drain to fill the sink so that I could rinse off the snake, something broke and it got stuck down. So no shower, no sink and most especially NO TOILET today.

Fortunately, today has been much better in that I managed to pry the sink drain back open, and the landlord's desired plumber had a 4 o'clock opening, where he spent an hour and a half cleaning out the main drain -- turns out that the access cap oujtside had gotten broken, and gotten filled with stones and roots. Even better, the landlord came by to show the other apartment at 5, so he paid the plumber directly instead of me having to do so and be paid back later.