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28 April 2010 @ 08:52 pm
While parking my car around back, I saw something small and grey-brown nosing round in the grass. Rat, I thought, and then it lifted its head and I saw it was a little opossum. Out looking for food in broad daylight, which isn't normal, and awfully small. Still, I didn't want to disturb it, so after watching it for a while I went around front to plant flowers and give mom a chance to show up.

Later consultation with the Silicon Valley Wildlife rescue web page suggested that opossums under seven inches were too young to be on their own, so I went to check on it. Still wandering around the yard, and limping a bit. Given that the sun was going low, and my yard has at least three cats that visit at night, I got my housemates to help winkle it out from under my car and swooped it off to the Humane Society, which does night intake for the SVWC.

Of course, I just now have found a site that suggests that possums 4 to 6 inches long are fine on their own, so it's possible I rescued a perfectly healthy non-orphan. But I'd really like to avoid Cinder coming in at night and showing me the very large mousey she caught.

No pictures, because I didn't think to do so when it was wandering around the yard, and once I got it to the shelter they didn't want me to unwrap it and stress it.