December 29th, 2013


Christmas present employed!

You wouldn't think that a 4 qt braising pan would be hard to find.  The requirements were simple: oven-safe, low profile, loop handles instead of a long bar handle so it would fit in my small oven.  But this seemed to be the killer: no cast iron, because I wanted something lighter if I was pulling it in and out of the oven filled with liquid.  The only one I could find that fit all of those was an All-Clad... and to get it without the bar handle, it required an extra hundred dollars over the already substantial price.  So that was my Christmas present from my mom.

It's worth it, though.  I had a hog jowl from a local pasture-raised Berkshire, so I mixed up an adobo braise and cooked it on low for 5 hours.  Used forks to rip off the meat for the adobo to have with rice, then put the slab of fat and skin left over in a baking pan and cooked it uncovered for a couple of hours more, which resulted in delicious crispy pork skin and rendered fat. Though I need to remember to do it fat side down next time -- ended up a little too brown this way, so not really suited to be chopped up as a topping, as I intended.  Still ridiculously tasty, though.  Just have to eat it straight. Oh the suffering!