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01 January 2002 @ 04:13 pm
new year's gifts  
Leonard decided that what I needed for the new year was a big fat juicy pigeon. Only slightly snacked on by cat. I know that in cat language bringing the family food is the highest form of affection, but I could do without the bloodstains under my desk and the feathers in the living room.

I did manage to avoid stepping on it, despite the careful positioning at the door to my office and the excellent camoflage of grey feathers on a grey afternoon on a grey-brown carpet. Leonard went off to munch on dry food proudly, and I took the pigeon out to the trash can.

I spent NYE over at Merlin's. I had vague intentions of visiting Harold's party and possibly ending up at Slimy, but tersa lured me into joining her in the slough of decadence, plus there was Really Good Vodka. So I became a very nonsober Laura and there was no driving. It was small, but in a good way; time to chat with people and no big party noise and stress. Merlin, Lynette and the Entropy house, Heather and Austin (whose real name I learned from the wedding invitation, but was too drunk to remember. Humph), cyranocyrano, princessmei, aelfsciene, Ellie and various others.

About 3:30 I took a couple of advil, there being no aspirin, drank a glass of water, and fell asleep on the couch. About 4 am I woke up and tried to remember whether it was advil or tylenol that it was a Really Bad Idea to consume with alcohol because it led to liver damage. Decided that since the house doctor Heather hadn't said anything it probably wasn't Advil. Went back to sleep.

In the morning Merlin, god among men, fed us all a wonderful egg scramble and herbed potatoes with bacon and toast, and I headed home on the grey day the new year had sent us.