Laura (tavella) wrote,

Had lunch with Drew and katchoo_too at Over the Border -- very tasty (and filling) tortilla soup. Stopped by Avenue on the way back for Katchoo to pick up some new shirts, and discovered that they were having a half-off sale. Picked up a couple of things, since I need more long sleeved shirts and also interview clothes. I'm feeling a little wary about spending money on clothes, given the big checks I've had to write for COBRA and stuff the last few days, but my severance for Sun came through and next week the government starts sending me money, so I'm still feeling okay on the budget front. Left a message with January at Taos to see what's up.

Also discovered that there are no paperback copies, used or new, of Return of the King anywhere in Mountain View, and no way was I paying for a trade paperback or hardback. Fortunately Drew has a copy to loan me. Rereading LotR the cheap way! Just got to Book IV, which has always been the hardest for me to get through. Not because it's not compelling, but because the nice hobbitses suffer so and it's hard to take. Sniff.

Wandered around the net, and concluded that wow, most LotR slash is Really Bad, even beyond the usual 90 percent of everything is crap. Even the ones that are reasonably well written just don't fly; I think it's because Tolkien's world was so determinedly sexless. It's hard to picture even the canon pairs having sex.

Did however find the truly hysterical Diaries of various LotR characters.
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