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room with a view

Apparently one of the cost cutting measures at Sun is cutting out window-washing. My clear blue sky is becoming quite speckled. Continued job or no, the window view is going away; Sun has sold PAL01 and is moving the corporate flag to Santa Clara.

I'll miss the view. During the summer, there's a little hummingbird that hangs out around a tree a few feet away. Which seems pointless, as it doesn't appear to have any flowers. Same for the turkey vultures -- they circle endlessly over the parking lot, which wouldn't strike me as likely to produce enough roadkill to feed a couple-dozen strong flock. I don't know what it is about Sun and wildlife without visible means of support.

My view also includes part of the approach path for SFO, the takeoff path for SJC, and Palo Alto airport right across 101, so I get to watch the pretty silver birds. The quiet skies after 911 were very disturbing, and the first few times after when a big Boeing turned to make the SFO approach were even more so. The wings would tilt just so, it would turn away from me, and that image was there, blurred destruction framed against still-standing towers. It's mostly faded now, but it was very strange for a while.
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