Laura (tavella) wrote,


Sorcerous Academy went pretty well. The idea of attacks during non-adventure time was dropped this go-around, for which I was profoundly grateful. Last two times, you'd stagger out of a portal session, just wanting time to sit down and go through treasure and study the books, and deans would be dragging you out of your comfy chair and making you fight demons.

I experimented with character design this time around, not entirely successfully. Though I think with one point of wood magic it would have worked; as it was, I had a character great for exploring but once the mapping was done I couldn't act as a battery. The problems with designing a character at midnight.

We also needed another fighter; we only had one. Half the game had come in with pregenerated minmaxed teams, which made it somewhat less fun for those of us who hadn't. However, not having a premade team meant that we got T on our team, and T is glorious and T roleplays. He was Aldo, Deep Geek. Barry was Gnorge the Gnome, and Jacob was Cameron (not Carmeron, as his nametag said), another human.

The amount of treasure seemed to have been severely reduced, perhaps in anticipation of the minmaxed teams. We never got either weapons or protective armor in any of the three runs, even when fulfilling one of the four mini-quests. Very frustrating, as we couldn't fix any of our team weaknesses; you were pretty much stuck as you were when you started, which again meant the minmaxed teams were superior.

However, despite our team weaknesses, we came within two tiny points of saving the world. We fought our way down to the Cavern of the Sleeping God. Took out the bad ass head guy. Took out the three wizards. Were left with two minor demons. Took out one... but discovered that the minor demons had poison, which took just enough extra points to take us out before we could take them. Gah. Fortunately one of the other teams succeeded.

Neil tried yet another experiment with minigames inside the game, this time spellball. He tries these in both SA and FLTD, not too successfully so far. There's usually a handful of people who understand the game instantly and execute the most efficient strategy, and the rest of us... don't. Jacob has the scary game designer brain, so we gave him our stats and the ran the games for us while Aldo and Gnorge played chess and Amelia (my char) did her nails and looked pretty. The games were extremely funny, as the best strategy turned out to involve missing the ball four times out of five.

I went for the evil option for the end game, having been valedictorian for either one or both of the last two games. But I hadn't collected enough loot in the game to get a cool evil ending, so I ended up a toady to another character. Ah, well. At least I wasn't a kindergarten teacher.

If it gets run again, Jacob is making noises about designing a team, which should be entertaining and scary.
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