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more bird thoughts

I wonder if pigeons have a dominance system like cats, where one of the group is always the picked on one. I was sitting at a long light at Moffett and Castro, on my way to Ariake to celebrate Chuck's new job/paycheck, watching pigeons who had apparently picked the top row of telephone wires as their evening perch. Some of them would swoop in from afar and land arrogantly in the densest populated spots, some would have to flap around for a few seconds and settle for a lesser perch, but this one poor pigeon kept flapping up to try to find a place, being driven from spot to spot, and at last retreating back down to the lower wires. It finally managed to get on the upper wires, but only at the very end of the line of birds. Poor geek bird.

Post sushi, there was Coldstone ice cream and then vegging around watching Buffy and Smallville while Gilmore Girls was taped. Three hours of TV in an evening. See previous comments about brain melt. I'm actually really liking Smallville, though it's a lot closer to X-Files than Lois and Clark. Megan and I agreed that Lex was the coolest thing on the show, and she was mildly horrified when I told her there was already Lex/Clark slash about.
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