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08 February 2002 @ 12:25 am
the edd hate continues  
Due to the interviewer completely misunderstanding things, I now have to appeal for my damn money. Whimper.
hegemony hedgehogagrimony on February 8th, 2002 07:25 am (UTC)
What did they deny it based on?
Son of the Shining Path, the Clouded Mindtorquemada on February 8th, 2002 09:59 am (UTC)
If my ex's experience is any indication, it's based on the fact that the EDD reviewer was confused by the combination of having to read English and running out of crack.
Lauratavella on February 8th, 2002 10:49 am (UTC)
Pretty much. They asked me about classes, I explained that I was taking a series of classes at the training center Sun set up. She somehow parsed this to be I was claiming that I was in school and wouldn't accept employment. Argh! Did Bailey get hers eventually? I'm busy writing the letter now.
Son of the Shining Path, the Clouded Mindtorquemada on February 8th, 2002 11:05 am (UTC)
No. She may have gotten a week or two, but that's it. She made a few mistakes, in the mind of EDD:

  1. She relocated. We moved to the Seattle area (well, I moved back), which CA EDD was unhappy with - they kept telling her to contact Washington's unemployment folks, despite the fact that she'd only worked in California in the previous eighteen months and so was eligible there only. Despite the fact that unemployment money is federal and so residency is not required, EDD doesn't like to pay folks out of state.

  2. She asked about getting worker retraining. CA EDD assumed both that a) she was already back in school and so ineligible and b) that she had to (again) contact WA to get permission to get UI payments while in school.

  3. While waiting weeks and weeks (and still filling out the jobs earch logs for CA, mind) to get any payments, Bailey got a (crappy) job, to try and ease the burden of both of us living off my savings. EDD immediately told her to (effectively) go screw.

  4. Bailey's (crappy) job involved bussing tables for a hellishly busy Mediterranean/Indian restaurant with pretty much no concern for health codes and which was always overstaffed. The owner is an arrogant, abusive, sexist prick. Bailey finally had enough and quit. She had to appeal twice to get EDD to recognise that getting insulted at volume every five minutes for doing every impossible thing perfectly as asked constitutes a 'hostile work environment'.

  5. Bailey really did go back to school, for cosmetology, since all the Boeing layoffs meant there were lots of administrative assistants with 20+ years of experience on the market, meaning she had no chance of getting hired back doing wat she did. EDD once again told her to go screw, since technically there were a lot of open AA jobs.

Now, had she had a few months' savings, she could have ridden out the wait for EDD to start sending money, but she didn't have the money. The Bay Area is incredibly expensive. Had I not gotten a tidy sum from selling my stock (which, thanks to contractual obligations, vested fully when I was laid off), I'd have been living in my car by the end of last May myself; Bailey's stock was worth a lot less than mine. Unfortunately Bailey didn't qualify for WA unemployment benefits - I do, having worked here before - which are up to $496 a month before tax; were I not also supporting Bailey, I'd only be $200-300 short a month for covering all my bills.
Son of the Shining Path, the Clouded Mindtorquemada on February 8th, 2002 11:08 am (UTC)
Something I forgot to mention that CA seems to not like to tell people about going to school. Attending school, unless you get special permission, means you lose your claim, since you're not 'available to work each day', but they won't consider giving you permission until you're actually in school. And, even better, they won't help you pay for it, beyond your normal UI payment.