Laura (tavella) wrote,

sugary pink hearts

Brilliant ebonlock decided to have a single-chick Valentine's night, so we all gathered at tersa's and had pizza and cheesecake and heartshaped cookies while watching Bridget Jones' Diary. We hissed at Hugh Grant's character and shouted advice to Bridget and swooned over Darcy.

Except for the bit where the cat exploded. Resulting in pizza remains going all over the floor and aelfsciene's drink encountering her lap.

"Do you want a towel to sit on?" "Colin Firth isn't *that* sexy."

It was all very fun, and afterwards we watched Wallace and Gromit and I made kahlua milkshakes. French vanilla ice cream, kahlua, and milk. Heaven. In the really alcoholic version you use Bailey's instead of milk, but people had to drive.
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