Laura (tavella) wrote,

slacking with style

I have now reached the 'I've seen it *mumble* times' state with LotR. I was seized with the desire to see it last evening and zoomed over to Shoreline with princessmei. I've probably seen it enough now. Well, maybe except for when they add the Two Towers trailer. Of course, that's what I said *last* week.

Today we did more movies and the gift exchange for the Single Chick Club. Inspired by Bridget Jones, we went for a 19th century snarky woman and watched Pride and Prejudice. 5 hours of Colin Firth brooding adorably, how could we go wrong? Plus aelfsciene squees so entertainingly every time he comes on screen. "I think I must be predisposed to brooding, I dated Fire for 3 years."

Megs made cheese fondue, which turned out to have some mozzarella in it that made for entertaining texture -- when you dipped in bread, the whole pot tried to come with. But it was delicious all the same, and we did spaghetti and chocolate fondue later. I got an adorable basket full of soaps and sponges and a heart-shaped loofa that made me laugh. Single chicks is fun to hang with :)
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